I’m a professional data + product leader trained in comp + info science. I code, write, take photos for fun. https://wilsonwong.co


  • Lowing Snow

    Lowing Snow

    Information retrieval student with keen interest in search quality and vertical search problems

  • Ezra Huang

    Ezra Huang

    Behavioural and decision science practitioner; Startup culture enthusiast;

  • Simone Romano

    Simone Romano


  • Felix Lee

    Felix Lee

    Learning by doing.

  • Fernando Tinoco

    Fernando Tinoco

    Media Professional, Global Product Manager @Adslot, Journalist, Information Ecologist, Dad.

  • Bevan Koopman

    Bevan Koopman

    Research Data Scientist @ CSIRO: Information Retrieval, Semantic Search, Health Informatics.

  • Nguyễn Đại Phúc

    Nguyễn Đại Phúc

  • Zvika Schechter

    Zvika Schechter

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